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Blood Products

Blood Products

Our canine donors are routinely health tested and screened for infectious diseases.  They are current on endo and ectoparasitic worming as well as yearly vaccinations.  Our blood products are from individual donors who live full lives in the community with their loving and commited owners.

Each product batch is tested at the end of manufacture for quality purposes.

"NeoK9Cell"  Canine Packed Red Blood Cells

Packed Red Blood Cells

NeoK9Cell contains canine red blood cells suspended in a nutrient solution called SAG-M (Saline, Adenine, Glucose and Mannitol).  A small amount of the donor plasma remains after separation.

This product aids in the treatment of dogs with clinically significant anaemia, acute blood loss (traumatic or surgical) or a symptomatic deficit of oxygen carrying capacity.

NeoK9Cell comes in 2 convenient pack sizes for large and small patients.

"NeoK9Plas" Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma

Our Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma is centrifuged, separated from the whole blood unit and completely frozen within 8 hours after collection.  It contains all labile and non-labile clotting factors when stored at -20 degrees Celsius.

NeoK9Plas is used to aid in the treatment of coagulation disorders or disease (including von Willebrand disease) and acute hypoproteinaemia in dogs.

NeoK9Plas comes in to convenient pack sizes for large and small patients.



The goal of Australian Animal Blood Bank is to increase awareness and promote the importance of transfusion medicine within the veterinary and pet owner community,

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