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The Donation Process

What happens during the Donation Process?
• Prior to each donation the health status of the donor is evaluated by one of the Blood Bank Staff.
• A small sample of blood is collected to ensure that your pet is able to donate.
• The donor is placed on his or her side on the collection table.
• The owner sits at the donor’s head to alleviate anxiety and provide reassurance.
• Hair is clipped from a small area on the neck and the skin is cleansed with using a skin disinfectant.
• A unit of blood (approx 450mls) is collected from the jugular vein in the neck area.  The collection process procedure takes approximately 5 minutes.
• Following the collection the needle is removed and pressure is applied to the collection site.
• Donors are rewarded with lots of yummy treats and praise!

What you should do after donation?

  • Tell the blood bank staff if you notice dizziness or nausea immediately following donation

  • Do not allow strenuous exercise for 24 hours

  • Make sure your pet has plenty of drinking water available

Notify your veterinarian if:

  • The blood collection site is swollen or bleeding

  • Your pet is lethargic or has a loss of appetite for more than a day.


The goal of Australian Animal Blood Bank is to increase awareness and promote the importance of transfusion medicine within the veterinary and pet owner community,

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