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Canine XM Quick Test (Individual) Crossmatch kit
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Canine XM Quick Test (Individual) Crossmatch kit

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  • 20 minutes procedure

  • All material included

  • Time saving

  • Easy handling

  • Reliable results

  • Easy interpretation

  • Snap result

The Alvedia canine crossmatch test (minor and/or major) is based on an immuno-chromatographic technology that will detect the presence of immunoglobulins and/or C3 components binding to the red blood cells (RBCs) surface.

Our canine crossmatch test will allow you to pick up incompatibilities across all canine blood groups (DEA 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, DAL ...).

A positive result between donor RBCs and recipient serum/plasma will indicate the presence of alloantibodies in pre-transfusion compatibility testing.

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The goal of Australian Animal Blood Bank is to increase awareness and promote the importance of transfusion medicine within the veterinary and pet owner community,

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