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Our donors are now protected by the latest in Flea and Tick prevention.  New Seresto collars from BAYER will help ensure our donors remain safe from Flea and Tick borne diseases. 

Thank you to BAYER Australia for your support of our canine lifesavers.



Our Donor Heroes now stay fresh and clean with Natural Shampoo from Dermcare which is soap free!  This helps keep their natural oils on their skin remain after bath time so not to interfere with their flea and tick control.

Thank you DERMCARE from all of our team and our Donor Heroes!


Thank you to Black Hawk Pet Care for their support of our Canine Lifesavers!


Thank you to Love'em for supplying yummy treats to our Canine Donor Heroes!


The goal of Australian Animal Blood Bank is to increase awareness and promote the importance of transfusion medicine within the veterinary and pet owner community,

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